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HSCC and the Register.

Dear Clubmans Register drivers

The HSCC Classic Clubmans races only require HSCC membership (£150) to compete and are not asking for Clubmans Register membership (as the BARC Championship does). It therefore follows that the Clubmans Register has no input into that series and drivers who only want to do the HSCC races do NOT have to be a Register member.

I obviously hope that most Classic Clubmans drivers will be entering the BARC joint Championship. However, I want to ensure that those who plan to only do the HSCC rounds are not involved in the extra expense of joining our Club (£125 or £35 per double header up to a maximum of two double headers each year).

The Clubmans Register and its Committee will obviously continue to be responsible for the BARC Clubmans Championship, Clubmans cars Blue Book regulations and liaising with the MSA, organising engineering back-up, tyre contracts, social events, drivers' meetings, a planned Track Day, paddock hospitality, race reports, filming, and website.

I stress that the arrangement with Classic Clubmans and the HSCC is with the Register's blessing.

Meanwhile I hope the sounds of polishing your race cars is reaching a crescendo from garages and sheds around the country and look forward to seeing you at Donington.

Re: HSCC and the Register.

So is there a separate set of rules for Clubman's HSCC?

Re: HSCC and the Register.

Technical regs are as the BARC Clubmans Championship (Classic section) - only one set of regs exist for Clubmans cars.
Sporting regs are up to the race organiser.