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Nemesis 09

Due to the fact I can only make 2 meetings on this years calander I have decided to test the water. I have the nemesis 09 car that is fitted with a cup engine, alloy cased dog box, later style bodywork, full carbon rear wing, PI c dash and loom. The car needs finishing ie plumped and wired ect. I would just like to race this year as have not done anything for the last 4 years so would like to sell the car or PX or swap for any competion car. If you want to talk about the car contact me on 07712 806174 or e mail. If there is no interest I will just keep the car and have to be patient.


P.S even if I end up in something else I will come back to clubmans

Re: Nemesis 09

Yeah Gareth. Hurry back. You'll be welcome