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Continental race trips

Following on the overwhelming response to my Drivers' Forum presentation on racing on the continent (i.e. no response at all, if you remember), I have gone ahead and organised myself to go continental once or twice this year in addition to campaigning in Clubmans. One always knows it may be one's last, so there are a few boxes to tick on the bucket list and they do not clash with our races. I will do the first event in the list (Zandvoort) and Spa in September...

Fri 3 May 2 races at Zandvoort with the DNRT Autos B (Onno Zuidema)
Sun 5 May Trackday at Assen, North Holland

29/30 Aug 3 races at Zolder, Belgium, with Special Open Trophy

27/28 Sept 3 races at Spa Francorchamps with Special Open Trophy

18/20 Oct Races at Zandvoort or Assen

These are national events and an MSA Race National a licence suffices. You need to enquire in each formula about a) aero bodywork not cycle mudguards with Special Open Trophy, b) arm restraint c) transponder d) noise testing. I can let you know contact details.

Cost of getting to Zandvoort and back, including Eurotunnel and the attractively low entry fee of £210, is about £625 from London area. Compares with £585 for Croft. Details at

I would of course love some company.

Happy days


Re: Continental race trips

Just to add to Marcus' safety items some European events will require full set of fire retardant underwear and a HANS device so worth checking first.

Hope you have a great time Marcus, I raced at Spa once a while back and it's a terrific circuit and great atmosphere, awfully long way round though, make sure your fuel tank is big enough !

Re: Continental race trips

Fantastic Marcus. I'm very jealous - if only I had a car. I'm old enough to remember wonderful annual Clubmans trips to Zandvoort and an especially great weekend at Zolder. In Zandvoort look out for the Gnoom bar and The Corner House Hotel - as this is a family read Forum I cannot possibly explain why!

Re: Continental race trips

No HANS needed for the DNRT events (Zandvoort and Assen)Think it is for the SOT events.

@ Chris: Marcus has a cup car for you so no excuses!

Re: Continental race trips

I'm very disapointed now when i look at the interest at this message from Marcus! You can't get it cheaper then this! All those people telling me they would like to race the European circuits like Zandvoort and Assen, Spa, Zolder, where are you now? You can't get it much cheaper than this! At least it's a lot cheaper than the races with Clubmans for me! I;m sorry but seems like you're not interested in racing in Europe against all promises! Shame i tryed to get Clubmans to Zandvoort.........

At Marcus: i'll br there and although i can't join the Spa event you can count me in as your mechanic then!



Re: Continental race trips

Yes - It is a great opportunity, and too tempting to ignore...
So I'm up for Zandvoort & probably Spa. (even got clearance from the wife!)
Cheers, Tom

Re: Continental race trips

hello there...i spent some time in 2013 with Onno at Zandvoort with our Group of Historical Hillclimbers, it was our second trip to Zandvoort and was its moneys worth !
Thanks Onno ! we had a great time !

If anyone is interested and would like to spend some time with us here in good old Germany we have our Race Calender now online: (Termine)

We participate this year at four venues in the German National Hill Climbing championship, Schotten (Nr. Frankfurt), Osnabrueck, Hauenstein (Nr. Fulda), Eichenbuehl (Nr. Frankfurt).
We also organise the occasional "one-of" at Race Tracks.
It is possible to participate with us as Guest drivers, we can supply you with the required temporary licence for a very low cost of only € 20,- per function.
(No Hans required, only the usual Race Clobber plus underwear).

Due to the very different range of cars participating in our Class we have a regularity classification, fortunatly with no speed limit, so everybody participating can climb the Hill at his own rate without the usual pressure and danger of having to be the fastest.

Any questions you have would be answered quickly including any translation.

i met a few of you way back in time in Thruxton and asked if it was at all possible to participate at one of your UK races as a guest with my Lotus 7 S1
Any chance at all ?

Re: Continental race trips

Hi Onno

Understand your sentiments, I guess in the UK we're still waiting for something economic confidence to return!

Let's see what we can do... I have mentioned to Alex as I would love to see him take on Zandvoort in his Vision.... he hates the travelling to anywhere though so I am looking out for a cheap second-hand teleporter to beam him around the planet!

More serious note, what's the position on noise for Zandvoort for the event there? As you may recall our cars are limited here to 108db static.

Is it correct that the May event is a Friday?? Not the weekend??


Re: Continental race trips

Ref the possible need for arm restraints. I have some and am willing to loan them to anyone doing the European rounds this year. Just let me know.

Re: Continental race trips

Noise is no problem for Cup cars Jamie, the silencer is on the left and if my Proto car is fine the Vision won't be a problem. Yes the may event is on a friday but if you wish you could combine this with Assen at 5 may (testday from 13.00 - 17.00)
If Alex rather goes by air, Schiphol is only 1/2 hour from Zandvoort, you can do the transport! Haha.
Note: if you rather do a weekend or do a 2 day event at Spa, have a look at the DNRT website; (we race with cars b) calender under kalender (Dutch)

SRW (Super Race Weekend)in august is a lot of racing from friday - sunday and Spa/Francourchamps in june is 2 trackdays/testdays

If there's any question please ask. (

Re: Continental race trips

Tom Brown and I have entered the DNRT Autos B events at Zandvoort on Fri 3rd May. Entry forms are therefore available so please email me if you'd like one. Nothing to pay in advance.
I can confirm that Hans devices are not obligatory.