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Does anyone recognise this car?

Hello folks,

A year or so back I purchased the car shown in the photos on this link:

to replace my previous project, the '65, ex Bill Needham / Bob Haughton 1000cc 'Coldwell Mink' which I sold in a moment of stupidity and immediately regretted. The current project was the nearest I could find to replace it.

From what the chap I bought it from could tell me, it was bought by the owner of Caterham Midlands over 20 years ago, having gone to Wales or Cheshire to collect it (it having been described as a Lotus) The car was in it's current state at that time, but was supplied with a 1500 Pre-xflow, and it appears that it's been mid way through an engine change. The BMC (Riley 1500, I think) back axle makes me think it may have been built for the 1000cc class, and this is how I plan to restore it.

It has no identifying numbers, though the rear axle has a number of fairly unique design features.

Any suggestions as to what it is / was, and better still, who might have raced it and when would be much appreciated.


Re: Does anyone recognise this car?

Hi folks, been a while since I posted this enquiry and work has progressed on the restoration (albeit slowly!) but I wonder if anyone recognises it who maybe didn't see the original post? Or who has joined since then, perhaps someone who was around in the earliy days and has joined the forum on the back ot the 50 years celebrations?

Many thanks,