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New member - Mallock U2 based car

Hi - Firstly I better introduce myself.
This is my first post - I am in Scarborough, North Yorks. 58yrs old, many years road racing bikes, packed up about 2001 and fancied racing cars but never did. Bought a 1969 1275 mini for hillclimbing and sprinting to get a bit of 4 wheeled competition experience, somehow allowed my daughter to talk her way into the driving seat so ended up as chief mechanic, dogsbody and most of all sponsor (!!!!).
About 2006 I bought "The Hammock" to start competing myself but somehow it got pushed to one side of the garage and left. Thought I had quit bikes but hadn't. Anyway now I have - they have gone and I am looking to use The Hammock.
I am unsure of the Clubmans regulations and wonder whether The Hammock is suitable.
It is a copy of a Mallock U2. It was created in Northern Ireland by Hamilton Bleming who was mechanic for a Richard Young who owned a Mallock Mk5A (1964 car according to the Lone Furrow). "Hammy" copied it in 1967 using the front suspension from Richard Youngs Mallock as he upgraded it. It was originally fitted with a pre-crossflow engine, later a 1300 crossflow fitted. (Bonnet is still obviously cut-out for the pre-crossflow.
It has a RIAC log book issued 1999 declaring it as a Hammock (Hamilton + Mallock!) model 5A date of registration 1967.


Firstly ( here I apologise because I have not yet managed to get to a clubmans meeting - on the cards for 2013) I would be interested to here comments as to suitability and eligibilty. If that is promising I have a few questions to ask about technical issues and wonder if this is the correct place to put those queries?

Many thanks,