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Barn find Race car

Hi all,
was wondering if anyone can help me find out what it is and what it would be worth?

From what I know the the Chassis has been rubbed down and repainted and i know the engine was rebuilt and has a dry sump, kent cam and twin weber 40's.

Turns over but does not start looks like it needs a new coil pack.

pictures should be here:

Thanks all


Re: Barn find Race car

Hi Rob

I was keen to see the pictures but it looks as though MS SkyDrive requires a user name and password. Can you let us know one or put the pictures on facebook or somewhere open please? Thanks

All the best

Re: Barn find Race car

Marcus I got into the drive using my own Live account but it said that the item had been removed!

Maybe it's back in the barn?

Re: Barn find Race car

Sorry its been os long to get back i have uploaded photos onto Flickr

hopefully this should be visible to people?

Re: Barn find Race car

Looks like the GRM built by the gants! And raced in f1300 about 1990's!
Trevor gant built and raced it , another guy raced it to but we can't remember his name!