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Lack of activity on the site

Hi all

I have upgraded my computer to Windows 8 and discovered too late that some of the software I use to prepare the pages for the site is incompatible with the new OS. I have all of the data available and it's all backed up so normal service will be resumed once I get everything onto my Windows 7 laptop. This will take a few days as there is family stuff to occupy me in the coming week so in the absence of a "Seasons Greetings" front page and the new seasons data I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a successful New Year.


Re: Lack of activity on the site

Brian, you are not alone, I too upgraded to Windows 8 on my new laptop, I now wish that I had not!

Re: Lack of activity on the site


I have persevered with the upgrade and finally (I think!) have everything working on Windows 8 so normal service can be resumed. Now that it is running properly and I'm no longer tearing my hair out I quite like Win8 and there appears to be a performance improvement over all.