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2013 MSA GR Tech Reg changes that may potentially affect....


As you know I tend to be a saddo who reads the Regs here and there! You will notice in your current MSA magazine that has flopped through the door that WEF 1 January 2013 MSC has amended / altered J 5.2.7 as part of a review of safety roll over structures etc which are now known as 'ROPS' [Roll-Over Protection Systems - see K].

The key item for us to note and which I suspect will not get exemption under the new for 2013 definition of 'Clubmans Car'is that the rear wing ['aerodynamic device'] cannot extend above the ROPS in height.That will undoubtedly include the wing end plates.

I suggest you check out the Reg for its full effect because even if the 100mm max rearward extension might get 'exemption' [as in overlooked??]at scrutineering or under any other Class / Type definition, I envisage that the ROPS related dimension will be rigidly enforced as a safety item.

Re: 2013 MSA GR Tech Reg changes that may potentially affect....

I also noticed that amendment to the regs. I have contacted Mike Wright about it and he has spoken with the MSA technical department. Photographic evidence from the web site and the wording in our regs regarding the current position of our wings will be reviewed by the race committee so we shall have to wait for a decision by them.

Having to comply with the new regulation could be a major alteration for a number of our cars.
The rule concerning not extending 100mm beyond the bodywork was actually in the 2012 blue book but I guess no one picked up on it, that too would have a big impact on a number of our cars if enforced, particularly some of the Classics that have minimal bodywork beyond the rear axle, (like the Haggispeed for example !)

Hopefully we will able to retain our original regulations for the rear wing.

Was interested that you said there is a "new for 2013 definition of 'Clubmans Car' ", what is that and where is it documented? I haven't seen a 2013 Blue Book yet if that's where it is.

A possible consequence of this may be closer attention being paid to the gap needed between the top of drivers helmet and the top of the roll hoop. Reference is normally made to drawing K 60(ii) in the Blue Book where a line is drawn from the roll hoop to a forward "substantial structure" ahead of the driver (K1.6.1), although strictly speaking this applies to sports cars over 2000cc it is the typical measure used. Rule 1.6.4 mandates a 5cm gap between top of roll hoop and drivers helmet.

Put it this way; if a scrutineer sees your head looking as though it's higher than the ROPS then they are going to ask you to do something about it. Looking at the pictures in our gallery some car / driver combinations are OK and some look like they're a bit close to the limit.

When I hear more from Mike / MSA I will update this and let the committee know.

Re: 2013 MSA GR Tech Reg changes that may potentially affect....

The Definition of Clubmans car was negotiated by me in 2011 before I resigned and it was circulated to everybody and it was also published in MSA News in the usual section on Reg changes.

I agree with your observations about helmets and ROPS and this to my certain knowledge has already been raised by scrutineers with relevant competitors.

The rest of it is really a matter for the Officers of the Club and our Championship scrutineer to deal with at MSA I would have thought.

Re: 2013 MSA GR Tech Reg changes that may potentially affect....

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