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Bringing new drivers into Clubmans

I was as delighted as the Clubmans hierarchy to see Mikey Day do so well in the Haggis in the ex-Marcus Bicknell, Reece Wood, Michelle Hayward, Brian Jordan, Steve Everson, Jason Money Mallock Mk26. 3rd out of 9 Clubmans competing and beaten only by the A cars of Steve Chaplin and Spencer McCarthy in very slippery conditions. Looking forward to seeing the video. You can see photos at

If you've got a Clubmans car in the garage and it has not run for a while, go out and find yourself a young driver and make the car available for a test and a race without demanding the earth. You have strong chance of selling the car or renting it out at the same time as boosting the fragile numbers in the formula. As with the priceless cars at the Goodwood Revival, it's better to have the Clubmans cars out there working than sitting idle. Ask Martin Covill; he made his two Proto cars available in 2011 and made negligible demands on the drivers. He got Steve Everson hooked for us (as if he needed helping!).

As I write, I do not know if Mikey will take the plunge and do the season. But I have put the winds of fortune in my direction... and Clubmans. We had A great time sharing in Mikey's pleasure too.

Re: Bringing new drivers into Clubmans

Great initiative Marcus - well done.

Re: Bringing new drivers into Clubmans

I fully agree with Pete, Marcus. We have to make it our mission to get as many Clubmans cars out there back on track, either with their existing owner behind the wheel or a fresh face through some arrangement or other as you have done in recent times.

Regarding Mikey specifically, what a joy it was to see someone so young (16!)coming out and doing so well in such awful conditions. I'm sure he will remember that experience for a very long time!