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Birkett results

Half hour scratch and handicap result sheets are at;

Best event of the year........

Re: Birkett results

Many congratulations to the Hart Attacks for their second position on scratch after 6 hours racing. Just 2 laps behind the winners after 143 laps on track. This is a triumph both for Clubmans and for the drivers Barry Webb, Peter Richings, Mike Evans, Michelle Haywood, Howard Payne and Alex Champkin. What a line-up. What is about Fergie and Hartie that the best professionals clamour to be admitted to the team? I offer these laudatory statements from my viewpoint behind, with the the Special K Clubmans, well beaten into 9th place, despite four of us having bigger engines! Hmmm.

Many thanks in the meantime to Chris Burnham and his entire family for organising us lot into such a competitive and fun squad. All terrific.

All the best to everyone, and bring it on next year. Steve, Clive... time for a Classic Clubmans assault.

Re: Birkett results

Results have been updated to a full breakdown, lap chart, everyone's lap time etc...

Re: Birkett results

I agree with the Classic clubmans angle.
Such a team would give us the full set.

I intend to run as much of the season as my bank ballance will allow in 2013
In my Mk11b 1300.

Have raced in four Birketts and would love the chance to do so in a Mallock.

There must be some more classic chaps out there who fancy some fun.