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Marcus you got "done"

Mr Marcus, at the recent drivers meeting you said that you paid over £900 for a set of tyres, on calling HP this morning I was given:-

Fronts £145.97
Rears £182.45

These are 2012 prices and they will be going up on Jan 1st

All plus VAT which I calculate as £788.20 Total

Re: Marcus you got "done"

To be honest I think Marcus said the price had risen since he last bought any......which was early 2011 and I may have inadvertently quoted the wrong total.
The numbers you quote are correct. 2013 price rise is likely to be 3 point something percent.
Apologies if I misled anyone in error.....

Re: Marcus you got "done"

Isn't that a great feeling? You've got a far better deal from HP then Marcus!
Don't worry about Marcus, if he want's to pay more for the tyres it's his choice!

Re: Marcus you got "done"

Onno, I should explain further that Marcus advised us at the drivers meeting that he had paid over £900 for a set, I wanted to correct that.

And yes we all know that Marcus has too much money and has a "pop star" lifestyle