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Birkett 2012

We have a team entered for the Birkett 6 Hour Relay on 27th October which is run on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. We have a mixted team of Clubmans cars and are looking for a sixth car to join us. If you are a member of the Clubmans Register and have a Clubmans car either Cup, Proto or any Classic class and are interested in having some serious fun please e-mail me.

Thanks, Peter

Re: Birkett 2012

Will that be the 'Brown Trousers' then?!

Hopefully lots of you will come along to support the 2 Clubmans teams entered including the leg end ary Hart Attacks!!!

Re: Birkett 2012

Having told Chris Hart that I will attend, I've realised that I'll be racing in my beat-up Pug 309 with my son Adam at Snetterton that day. Needless to say that I wish the Clubmans team great success and a lot of fun on the day.

Re: Birkett 2012

@ Jamie: why don't you join the team with the Vision?

Re: Birkett 2012

Hi Onno!

Alex is driving for Hart Attacks in his Vision! As far as I recall, the Team is:

Barry Webb
Peter Richings
Mike Evans
Howard Payne

You should get a Team over! ['Team Clog Dyke'? :)

Re: Birkett 2012

You never know, next year? It's a bit short in time next week but would like to join the Birkett some day.
Sunday i'll be racing Zandvoort with some formula cars hope the car goes well, it's my first outing after Snetterton.