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Sad, excited, n' happy.

I'm just a little sad following our last championship meeting of the season at Thruxton yesterday. However, what a corker it was. Day long sunshine, garages, 23 cars, lap records tumbling, championships decided for Mark Charteris and Alex Champkin, and fantastically close racing done with that much envied camaraderie and respect missing from so many other formulae.

I watched quali' and race one with the Marshals at the chicane and was complimented on the quality of driving and skills on display - I then went to bother the commentators and the MN and Autosport reporter for race two and was welcomed with a knowledge of our history and drivers which proved an interest in our formulae above most others.

We really do have a unique and much loved club and I hope everyone can share and enjoy the pride I feel in helping to represent you all when I meet with the marshals, commentators, journo's, and officials.

With a humungous thanks to Steve Chaplin and his team for putting together a fabulous season's racing.

Roll-on the Birkett and Walter Hayes - see you there.


Re: Sad, excited, n' happy.

Well said Harty.

A big vote of thanks from here to Steve and all the 'volunteer management' team for putting together a one-club ethos that has been so positive. Long may it continue; as you say, we are unique and should exploit that in our own interests.

Re: Sad, excited, n' happy.

I think I can safely say that without the amazing amount of ongoing help, support and dedication from so many people, the Register would have faded away some years ago. It has been a privilege to be involved with these fantastic people this year and I'm really proud of their selfless commitment and enthusiasm for the good of us all.

Being the size of club that we are, every single member can make a positive difference to our destiny and I hope that you all feel a sense of ownership here. We simply need to keep the momentum building. Our increasing strength will then provide us with the resources and clout to make an ever better job of giving you the racing club that EVERYONE wants to belong to.