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Horse racing?

Anyone checked out lately?

Re: Horse racing?

Funny how domain names get taken up. Anyone trying to get the the Mallock Club site at will find a company called Malrock which is some sort of sports trading company that clearly can't type!

For anyone interested there is now a new site, which has much of the content of the old site and is more frequently updated. The Club is now a website only so free for anyone to view and contribute any interesting material via the "Contact Us" page.

Re: Horse racing?

Peter, How long has this site been live ?

In 6 months of researching my Mallock this has never once popped up in any search engine........( only the old defunct site)

Great to have found it, Just needs a bit more input.

I'll post it around a few places and see if it pops up more in searches

Re: Horse racing?

The new site has been live since June but some pages are still under construction. We publish what we can, usually from what people send us. As you say nothing comes up on your car but if you would like to send me some photographs and perhaps a write up of your restoration progress we can put it up on the site for all to see which would be rather good I think. There is a world wide interest in these cars and I am regularly in contact with those in the USA and Australia, plus there is a vibrant Clubmans series in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe so you are part of a global band of enthusiasts. Send anything you would like published direct to me or to If anyone else would like to contribute anything Mallock related we would be please to publish it.

Re: Horse racing?

Sounds like a plan......

I've posted it up on a couple of other sites, So hopefully you should have seen the hit rate go up a bit.

Funnily, i just asked Sue what had happened to the old site..... I was thinking of starting one but no need now