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Thanks all for making my weekend at Snetterton to one af those not to forget.
You all know i had some bad luck but at least it didn't make me sad and i had such a nice weekend with a great dinner at saturday, a reasonable result at sunday qualli and 4,5 laps race. Yes i was dissapointed not being able to join the lot at monday but had great racing to watch with Alex and Jason being the main attraction for most of us, thanks boys!
A special thanks to the Burnham's for providing me with hot water for my drinks and food at friday and saturday as i couldn't use al my electric stuff as i am used to at the European tracks. Also the food and drinks during raceday's is a great plus for al those compatitors and mechanics that are busy prepairing their cars with no time make some food/drinks.
Thanks Ian and Matt for repairing my car at saturday evening at the moment i was enjoying my dinner, and that only for an entrance ticket!!

You al might not be aware but to me you are such a great bunch of people i've got to come back next year! But also i need to do something to myself and the car as i can't stand losing 5 sec. a lap compared to John and Mark as they have the same power and cars look very similar so for next year i think al those Proto cars/drivers need to work their cars, health and teams to close the gap to A-sport as we can't accept this distance boys!

See you all next time!


Thanks for the great message Onno.
I'm sure everyone was delighted to see you again - and remember you make Clubmans an international category!!
So sorry it didn't work out well for you but do come back as soon as you can.
We really should come and race with you at Zandvoort one day.......


Well said Sven. Onno you are a great addition to our exploits and look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.

Zandvoort would be great, but we possibly need to develop an alternative silencer for that venue! I also seem to remember we had some great races at Zolder.... and Croix....


Jamie Champkin

Zandvoort would be great, but we possibly need to develop an alternative silencer for that venue!

I wonder if we would need another silencer as presumably Onno's car is OK for Zandvoort but it failed at Snetterton on Friday and had to be modified to get it passed.


Noise at Zandvoort won't be a problem for Cup and B-sport and most of the other cars with the silencer at the left side of the car as Zandvoort has drive by noise testing at the inside of the circuit.
Yes Peter i agree with you, most cars wil be fine for Zandvoort.
Assen and Zolder are hard on the noise test as they have their tester above the track (Assen) and left side (Zolder)
I'm in contact with Marcus for racing Zandvoort next year.

Re: SNETTERTON now Zandvoort

Zandvoort it is then! I hope the circuit cafe is as good as the one at Zolder which stays open serving steak-frites until 0200 - helpful for those who missed the bar b q as they were still repairing cars

so who's negotiating the ferry discount branding contract then?


Yes, I agree we PROTO boys have to up our game a bit to take it to the A Sport cars next year. By "health" I presume you mean I have to diet to lose weight?!! I have tried but even when I starve myself no weight comes off! But I am working hard as we speak on a stronger clutch release bearing (steel lined not plastic)(which is what failed again at Snett), ventilated brake discs and fourth attempt at getting rid of the misfire.

Bring it on...


Ha Ha Marcus, you on a diet? No you're ok but i think i could do with a diet but more importand is physical healt. SPORTS to make our condition better and racing easyer. Weight is the biggest advantage of the A-sport cars so we better loose weight on the cars as that's much easyer then the body.


Hi Onno. I am so pleased that you enjoyed yourself at Snet and thanks for the lovely message. I was really disappointed that you couldn't get out on the second day, but it will be truly great to have you back over in 2013.

I think cutting weight from the cars is far more preferrable than a diet. In truth with all the good hi-calorie stuff on offer at the Clubmans marquee plus a few barbecues, how can any of us expect to be losing weight?

Best wishes



I agree Steve, and as long as Mark keeps winning races you won't find me on a diet!