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Vehicle Cameras

Hi Guys

Firstly what a cracking day at Oulton wish I could of competed in the 2nd race bloody gear box bearing!! and the second half of race 1 for that matter bloody ignition coil!! Paul was not wrong about using that HT lead.

Also apologizes about the huge spin in front of you all going round Hizzy's chicane I am grateful that you all missing me.

Anyway I am thinking about putting a camera on the car I remember a few of you suggested some cameras to me at Silverstone but unfortunately I cant remember the names of these cameras what were they again????


Re: Vehicle Cameras

HI Wyd shame you were hors de combat, it will get there and your grid 2 made the real point! cameras worth a look at different budgets are Dogcams (nothing to do with car parks or dogs...) and GoPro. The former are more aerodynamic as they are bullet cams.Depending on the resolution quality etc you are looking at between £70 and £400 online. Alex got his from Canada but got clobbered by Customs on top of the price so no point volunteering that. atb

Re: Vehicle Cameras

I've got one of these:

Pretty much disposable at that price, which is a good thing as the non-HD one I used for my Silverstone videos (, proved it's not waterproof after a trip through the washing machine.

Probably not as good as the GoPro, but about 1/4 the price and the sound is OK if you put some gaffa tape over the built-in mic

Re: Vehicle Cameras

Get a 'Go Pro' - don't settle for less!
But don't feel it's necessary to spin again just to make a good video.......

Re: Vehicle Cameras

Hang on Wyd - Don't you think you should be investing in a hoover before a video camera? - I'm still finding grass in the car from taking evasive action!

Barry was getting covered in lawn-mowings behind me for the next 2 laps... I think he only overtook so he could see where he was going!

Re: Vehicle Cameras

Pete (aka Sven)
Get a 'Go Pro' - don't settle for less!

Is the standard Go Pro rollbar mount up to the job? I have seen a few adverse comments on t'internet.

Re: Vehicle Cameras

Had mine almost three years and it is superb. Marcus and Mike Evans bought them after seeing my videos. Whole thing is easy to use, self contained etc. Rollbar mount is great.
You see them everywhere - almost every car at the Monaco Historique. BBC, etc. They are not expensive either......
(I'm not on commission or anything btw!!!!!)

Re: Vehicle Cameras

A couple of years ago someone was going around the Brands Hatch paddock handing out leaflets for and demonstrating a camera which had some form of built-in GPS information. I seem to remember that someone (Dan Gibson?) had one on their car for the second race.
Does anyone remember anything about this?


Re: Vehicle Cameras

In a word 'no'......

Take a look at;

The reviews I've read suggest the Contour is pretty good but not quite as good as Go Pro but does have gps.
Go Pro also is waterproof and has a good rollbar mount kit. Contour doesn't appear to - its aimed squarely at bikers, so it seems to be a helmet cam first and foremost.