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BARC Council 2012

Firstly many thanks to the Clubmans Members who attended the BARC AGM on Tuesday and among other things voted for my re-election to Council.

As a result I have been re-elected for another term of 3 years and thus will serve as a Director and also as a Director of Pembrey Circuit Limited.

Our friend Nick Frost Chairman of Caterham Graduates was also re-elected along with former Clubmans stalwart Guy Woodward.

It is important that all competitors are aware that they can bring competitions as well as general BARC issues forward for consideration through the Council Members.

There is a fixed Agenda item for 'Competitions' at each Council Meeting and so if competitors or the Register as a whole does have sensible issues to raise then they should contact me either directly or through the relevant Championship Representative or of course through the Board.If you bring a matter direct to me then I would expect that the Board is copied in.

Re: BARC Council 2012

Do we congratulate you or commiserate with you?