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Identity Crisis

Hi guy's New here and i'm sorry if i've posted in the wrong section ( Please move if necessary )

I've bought what i thought was a Mallock MK14E but turns out to be a fake.

Having said that i'm pleased with it and was looking for a project with a view to getting into some hillclimbing.

I've had various people have a look at it but all have came back blank....

I will to put the work in but as one person mentioned to me without knowing what it is what class will you enter ?

I have some pics here and hoping someone may recognize it.

It came from North wales/liverpool area and i belive has been laid up for 30 odd years.

I'll start to add pics here..

Many thanks


Re: Identity Crisis

Hi Sean. Interesting buy, that's the car that was on e-b recently I think ?
It would probably help to have some pics of the chassis sans bodywork.
It looks as though it may be an ex F1300 car from 750 m/c, there were plenty of one off specials built in period for that formula. One thing I'm pretty sure it is not a Haggispeed.
Good luck with the history and the build !

Re: Identity Crisis

Hi Tony, You are correct another flea-bay purchase of mine.

I really like it, And before i do something stupid like stick a bike engine in it i'd like know if it's something worth rebuilding back to as original condition as possible.

I'll get some pics of the bare frame as i think the body has been added to over the years.

The thing that makes me think it's some thing different than a home built racer is the front has a separate subframe. Apart from one arm each side attaching to the main frame the rest mounts on a front subframe.

My simple brain tells me this would be to turn around a quickly damaged front end.

Not something i've seen on other cars, But i'm not really up to speed and this might be fairly common.

I'll post up some pic's that might explain it better.

Thanks for taking the time Tony, Really appreciate it, Info on cars of this era are locked in the heads of old school racer's and not on the internet so any info to discover what it is is really helpful.


Re: Identity Crisis

Album now updated,

I've started to strip her down and have taken some pics of bits that might help identify it.

We now think it might have been a F1300 car.

The name Centaur has come up a couple of times, Does anybody know of any where to get more info.

The internet is scarce on clubman information.

Thanks again


Re: Identity Crisis

A quick search on this site brings up a reference to an article published in CCC magazine back in 1978. There is a bit about Centaur there.

This link will go directly to your Photobucket page without the need to cut and paste.


Re: Identity Crisis

David Childs must be the best bet for info on Centaurs......

Re: Identity Crisis

Thank you guy's..... E-mail sent off and we'll see what comes back.


Re: Identity Crisis

Had a nice chat with Dave today and gave me some good advise.

Also Sue @ Mallock's gave me some tips and some measurements to try.

Unfortunately it's not Centaur, Best guess was it's modified Mallock.

I've now taken some better quality shots of the frame and added them to album.

It all about quantifying what it is now, before we go ahead any further.

The best likeness i can come up with is the back end and cockpit surround of this.

Cheers Sean

Re: Identity Crisis

Dear Sean

Richard Scott was the designer and builder of Centaurs. He would be the most likely person to tell you if your car was a Centaur. His address and telephone are:-

Richard Scott, Samphire Cottage, Walberswick, Southwold, Suffolk. IP18 6TX Tel. 01502 72 2577

Best of luck with it - Ian

Re: Identity Crisis

Thank you Ian, There has been a bit of a turn around on this one..........

Every time i go back and look at it it keeps going back to an earlier year.

After hours of studying Mallock frames, I'm just about 100% this is an early MK4 or MK5.

Sue has kindly sent me pics of frames of that period and it sits somewhere in that time frame. I have a pic of a MK3 & of a MK6 and mine has elements of both in it.

It would have originally been a split swing axel car, When i do some digging around on the frame i can see the old braze marks from the cut off supports at the front end.

The rear axel is wrong ( standard not cut down version ), In fact a lot of it wrong.

What i did not appreciate was how much these cars where added to over there life and only when you go back to the basic stuff does it all start to make sense.

I'll update when i know more.