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I hear that there was some "Clubman's Weather" around at the weekend.

Borat in the meantime I hear was sunning himself in 32 degrees!

See you all at (sunny) Brands!

Re: Croft

On Sunday it was appalling weather which inevitably resulted in some incidents. Cup's second race was abandoned after 2 laps, but not before Jamie's Phantom finished up looking very second hand. Fortunately no damage to the ex Chairman.
On a positive note though, a really good gathering of Cup/Proto and Classic drivers - the Clubmans Hospitality tent was very popular (thanks to Peter and Hazel Burnham) as was the Saturday dinner in the Chequers organised by Brian and Trish.
Well done especially to Michelle - first Lady driver to win a Clubmans race this century......

Re: Croft

Fantastic result for Michelle - there were some very big smiles in the paddock! Brilliant to see