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boots and gloves

If you haven't raced yet this season; don't foget to take your shoes and gloves to scrutineering.Many of us enjoyed (not) the extra exercise at Croft.

Re: boots and gloves

Well raised point Phillip. In my new guise as poacher turned gamekeeper (trainee !) as someone commented at the weekend I'll try to keep everyone updated of any changes that may effect drivers.

A note for drivers on gloves and boots in case you weren't aware. The new regs are that these items must be fireproof material and in good condition but at this time no specific standards are being enforced.

Re: boots and gloves

I think it's great that Clubmans has someone 'on the inside' in the Scrutineering Bay!! Working with Mike Wright must be pretty good too.
Keep us up to date on any issues we need to know Tony.....!!