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Race Numbers

Hi All,
Does anyone have any objections to me using race no. 75 as I did last year?
I am about to Register with the BARC, who require this info.
Hope to do atleast 2 meetings, maybe 3 this year.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Brands.


Re: Race Numbers

Borat - you finished 6th in Cup last year - therefore you will be no 6 this year.

Re: Race Numbers

It is worth remembering that the reason that the top ten in the previous years championship carry their finishing position as their race number is so that the spectators and commentators know who are the best in the field and that they have earned those numbers. It is perhaps something that we miss out on in our publicity and in the race program.

If your budget is a bit tight this year I will donate three number six decals for your car!

Re: Race Numbers

Yes Peter the budget is tight I'll have a set of 9" white ones please :0)

As I am hping also to drive it makes sense to add a 9 as well so it will be easy to change?

Re: Race Numbers

No problem with the three number sixes but I have not got any nines. Funny I always end up with lots of sixes but they never include nines in the set.