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U.S. SCCA Major Rule Change

Just a note to relay an email I received yesterday from the SCCA Oregon Region(yes they still keep in touch)Effective NOW a neck support(Hans or otherwise)must be worn by all competitors at all levels of SCCA santioned events.
I tell members this for 2 reasons,
1)If it,s there it will be here next year!!!!!!!!!!
2)The good news is there are a few competitors to Hans that have sprung up in the US and are a lot less in cost but are "legal"so I will keep in touch with our US mates and bring you the latest GOS.

Re: U.S. SCCA Major Rule Change

Bob, thanks, I'm sure readers know my opinion on Hans!
There is controversy in the USA as it's seen as a revenue stream for the SCCA. More worrying is they are introducing a sticker scheme so that you have to send the device back every 5 years for inspection.
I don't see any evidence for more economic devices though:-
Like many of its equipment requirements, SCCA recognizes both SFI 38.1 ( and FIA 8858 ( standards. You can visit these sites to see their approved list of devices. As of Aug. 10, 2011, the following devices are approved by SFI or both SFI and FIA:

HANS Performance Products – HANS Device (all series)
Safety Solutions R3 Device
Safety Solutions R3 Rage Device
Safety Solutions Hutchens Hybrid Pro Device
Safety Solutions Hutchens Hybrid Pro Rage Device
Safety Solutions Hutchens Hybrid/Hybrid Rage Device
Safety Solutions Hybrid X Device
Anyone know why the 20 degree Hans is cheaper than a 30 degree Hans?

I'm off to buy my British Aerospace shares now (owners of Schroth)

Re: U.S. SCCA Major Rule Change

Don't bother with the shares Andy - buy a Hans device, it just might save your neck like mine did for me. Whatever the economics there's no doubt that these do work.

Re: U.S. SCCA Major Rule Change

Pete, what a surprise

With the price of the bloody things they should give me some shares.

Are we on a "zero tolerance" path? Why don't we limit the top speed of the cars to 60mph? Where will it all end? You can carry on this safety thing almost indefinitely.

For me I think it's a personal choice, I understand and respect your viewpoint, however I will be sticking with my neck pillow for a while, that is until it's mandatory and the MSA jump in with a cut of the sales, a sticky badge and a 5 yr check policy?