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Lets get going!

Dear All

Despite some serious frost this morning, Spring is close which means we'll be racing again before you know it! So, for the racers amongst you, I'd urge you to check all the 'lifed' items such as helmet, race suit and belts, and of course make sure your license is current, your Clubmans membership is current and that you have registered with BARC! On the subject of BARC registration, I gather from the AGM that some had experienced difficulties when trying this on the web. If those issues related to negotiating the site, the last item on the drop down menu of the 'Competitions' tab might help, as it explains the process in detail. Essentially, you first need to register as a driver via the Login page, and only then can you select a Championship to race in. If you have any probs, I'd be only to happy to try and help, so please let me know.

As soon as you have successfully registered for the appropriate Clubmans option, please get your intended races ticked off on their site to make sure they know what grids to expect well ahead of time. Payment can always follow later (thank goodness!).

I'm sure we are going to have a great year of club racing ahead of us, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the tracks, be you a competitor, supporter, friend or interested observer.

Re: Lets get going!

I did have difficulty registering on the BARC website - it didn't send me the promised e mail with my password.
A few days later I went and requested a replacement password which arrived immediatly - so job done!
I've been through your check list Steve - all done!
Just got to get the car ready now..........