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Anyone have a Transponder for sale?

Happy New Year folks, does anyone have a "wired in" transponder for sale, not the rechargeable one please.

Re: Anyone have a Transponder for sale?

Probably worth an e bay search........I got my rechargeable one rebuilt with new battery and casing that way for £40......

Happy Cynical New Year.....

Re: Anyone have a Transponder for sale?


Steve Everson is also looking for a transponder. Can you tell me what type we are looking for exactly? Must be AMB? Is the AMB TranX 160 (yellow housing) OK? Your advice would be appreciated.


Re: Anyone have a Transponder for sale?

The official position is as follows;

"I asked the very question of AMB and got this response

Thank you for your e-mail. First, let me explain the specifications for the TranX160 (for karts) and the TranX260 (for cars) transponders:

Max Speed:160km/h (100mph)
Max Height:30cm/1ft

Max Speed:300km/h (180mph)
Max Height:60cm/2ft

You may find you have some success with the TranX160 transponder on your car, but we cannot guarantee that it will work on a car. The specifications are made not only based on speed of the vehicle, but also take into account other things such as possible detection height, electrical interference between vehicles, and the amount of metal on a car compared to a kart. I would recommend you purchase a TranX260 transponder for your car as that transponder was specifically designed to work with that vehicle."

As I read it the yellow one MIGHT work ok but not guaranteed - the red ones (and more expensive) are the designated units.

Good hunting.


Re: Anyone have a Transponder for sale?

Thanks Pete. Good info. We'll let you know how we do.

Re: Anyone have a Transponder for sale?

That's great news, Steve going max. 160 km/h
We might be able to pass him!!!



Re: Anyone have a Transponder for sale?

There is one for sale on race cars direct, posted today. Try copy and paste this link

Re: Anyone have a Transponder for sale?

You can buy them new here:
They are £334-98

Or buy my good as new, still in box, barely used, wired in jobby (TranX 260 DP)... a snip at just £225
Bargain eh?

07785 510806

I also have one of those Stack Dashboards as being sought in the classified section - give me a call.