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Competitors should note that in 2012 the following rule changes may affect them:

1.K 9.1.1 mandates the use of standard FIA 8856-2000.

2. Q. 14.5.1: If a car leaves the track for any reason it may rejoin but only when safe to do so and without gaining any advantage. A drive through penalty may be imposed for a driver believed to have gained an advantage. In addition under 14.5 c repetition of mistakes may lead to other penalties up to and including exclusion.

The drive through penalty is a new penalty 'at this level of motorsport' and therefore competitors should be aware as it will inevitably lead to new board signals at the start/finish line and under...

Q.15.1 such signals may be displayed by a coloured board [min size 75cm x 60cm per Q.5.2] to which the competitor's number is attached.

Q.5.4.2 will now detail matters relating to re-starts of stopped races and in particular makes various provisions relating to championship points in re-started races.