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Double championship win

Congratulations to the Gibson's and the rest of the team on their Double championship win incredible result.
What a end to a fantastic season, a few ups and downs but we got there in the end.
Well done lads

Re: Double championship win

Congratulations from Holland Paul and Dan!
I hope for Paul he will have a bit more competition next year and Dan, you must have had a great competition this year untill last race.
See you next year!

Gr, Onno

Re: Double championship win

Chris and Onno you beat me to it because I typed a screed and then couldn't post it as the internet dumped!

It was a tense and exciting weekend with the Championship in Cup going down to the wire in the last race.

Heart went out to Russ because he had comprehensively outqualified Dan for Race 1 on Saturday and then suffered a puncture 5 laps from the end.... he still managed to use his instructor's skills and calm head to stay on track and collect important points (and still beat me which has to be the Zenith of my career!!!).

Russ had a scary moment at Senna as the puncture manifested itself and he span out right and back across the track while Dan's skill in spinning off to the other side to avoid the crash was very quick thinking at a very committed corner.

Clubmans spirit was still to the fore in that Paul and Dan Gibson on hearing of Russell's problems immediately donated to Russ' the best of their spare tyres so that Russ could go into Sunday with an opportunity to beat Dan.

Russ and Dan deserve our equal praise for the manner and spirit of their season-long 'battle'conducted with driving standards of the highest order and a clear mutual respect for each other.

Other 'stars' of the weekend were Marcus garnering 3rd in Cup Championship as a 'lifetime achievement',
Steve Everson gaining 2nd in Proto in his first full season of circuit racing and getting another driver of the day award for Saturday while 'there's life in me yet!'Barry Webb got Driver of the Day for Sunday. Former Champion Tom Bellamy came along each day and determined the Rainwater Harvesting Driver of the Day awards while the Pub Landlord Phil Weaver got 3rd in Proto Championship, which is very respectable for a man of his age:).

Adrian Langridge thrilled with his consummate speed and commitment as ever for which he was justly rewarded with Driver of the Meeting and the inaugural Vernon Davies Memorial Trophy as determined by our DSO for the weekende Paul Freeman and presented by Caroline, Vernon's daughter who had come to the event on Sunday with Daphne and Caroline's 2 boys.

Overall it was a very successful weekend, not aided by the weather on the competitive days but certainly testing in warm and sunny conditions on Friday got the weekend off to a great relaxing start.

Congratulations to all competitors over the season. With a minimum of 'drama', a maximum of competition and an equal amount of 'goodwill' we can close the book on another successful year which has seen 5 marques of car competing evenly for honours.


Re: Double championship win

Jamie "Consummate" you said?

Sounds like a menthol cigarette

Re: Double championship win

Mr Cynical
Jamie "Consummate" you said?

Sounds like a menthol cigarette

Nah. It's what you do to a marriage to kick start it.

Re: Double championship win

Brian, I hope you do it before marriage to see if it's worth it :0)