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Doune Hillclimb

Just come back from an RAC British hillclimb Championship event at Doune (near Stirling)
Sharing Bob's Mk21 A class car with Tom Brown (ex- hillclimber). What an amazing venue, A cross between Nurburgring, Monte Carlo and the Cresta Run.
If you can only have one adrenalin fix once a year this is the place to have it.
To get the car ready for hillclimbing we fitted super soft slicks. took the mirrors off removed the fire extinguisher, fitted a 4.9 diff. Put a timing strut on the nose. And went hillclimbing.
The car was blisteringly quick off the line and did 2.26sec 0-64 feet. The magic 2 seconds equates to 1G. On the first timed run Tom equalled the local champion George Emmerson with his Mk23 Mallock. On the final run George beat Tom by 0.2 second. On a 46 second run.
I was 3 seconds off but reached my personal goal.
Can't wait for next year, hopefully some of you will join us. George is hoping to join us on some circuits too.
Interestingly may have got done for speeding. Went through a speed camera on a 60 road doing 57mph but the sensors picked up I was towing!!

Re: Doune Hillclimb

Just reply to the summons saying that you were in heavy traffic and that if you went at 50mph it would have been more dangerous.

It's unlikely that your Speedo is that accurate and probably over reads, most Speedo’s will show 57mph when you are doing 55mph.

If that fails plead insanity

Re: Doune Hillclimb

...always ask for a copy of the photograph from the camera...if that shows an empty road then it may not be so wise to claim that you were in heavy traffic..:)

Re: Doune Hillclimb

OK looks like insanity is the only option left?

Re: Doune Hillclimb

It really is an amazing place to drive a racing car - a short clip of our early practise runs is here:

Many thanks to the Mallocks, and Bob. (though maybe its better if he doesn't see where we took his car!)

Here is a video of the Hill Record run:

It certainly gets the adrenalin glands flowing!

How about a Clubmans outing to a hillclimb in 2012?