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Homer Simpson rides again

For those of you who enjoy a laugh at someone else's expense here's one on me....

When we came to pack on Saturday and wend a very weary way home, the truck keys couldn't be found anywhere...Range Rover duly unpacked, everything searched countless times including my 'briefcase' at least 5 times... whole paddock searched and the hillock from which we watched testing in the rain on Friday...nothing handed in... Nothing for it therefore but to leave truck and cars there to await Tuesday and opening of DAF agents...couldn't get cars in truck due to position of it so took steering wheels and covered with Ez Up etc...

On Sunday however, I decided to commit the cardinal sin of phsychotically re-visiting every bag, pocket, jacket, race suit etc...and the aforementioned 'briefcase'...where lo and behold the keys were duly found trapped between a zip and the inside pockets....Dorr!

However, we were not allowed to have access to the paddock again until 1730 on Bank Holiday Monday which necessitated another trip across the A14 in rush-hour bank hol' traffic...the return trip was made the more memorable by the queue for the accident between J1 A14 and the M6/M1 interchange with net result home about 2300...

Re: Homer Simpson rides again

You poor sod!!

Bit unfair on Homer......sounds more like Capt Chaos!!!