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It Takes a Marketing Mix to Grow a Plastic Surgery Practice

Successful plastic surgeons know it takes a marketing mix to grow a plastic surgery practice for lots of reasons.The big one being the demise of controlled mass media.Consumers are no longer held captive by a select few TV channels, radio shows, and newspapers who owned the public’s attention.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now get your news anywhere you want, and you control who and what you listen to and watch.

As a solo plastic surgeon, you can use that to your advantage and capture the attention of prospective plastic surgery patients.

You do that by starting your own media channels to build a name for yourself with a select group of consumers. That is powerful. You can become a celebrity in your own right and capture an audience that is interested in your cosmetic services.

Keep in mind - you don’t need everyone to know you….just those who want your services.

However, the flip side is that all plastic surgeons have the same opportunity to build a name for themselves on these various medical platforms.

So, it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to do that effectively, so you stand out as the obvious choice when consumers are looking for a cosmetic rejuvenation provider.

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