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How to Get Help for Your Lean Drink Addiction

Lean, also called purple drank and a few other aliases, is an herbal beverage drink, made from mixing hard candy and a prescription-quality cough syrup with water. The mixture originated in Houston, Texas, and is now extremely popular in the urban music or those that live in the south. Many people that are not hip hop have been drinking the Lean for years. In fact, many people who are not rock stars have been spotted at music concerts drinking Lean.

This article will focus on how to make your own Lean Drink with some help from online videos. The question is - can you overdose on Lean? Some people swear on the internet that you can overdose on the purple drink. However, when I researched it further I could find that no deaths from Lean have ever been reported in fifteen years. So the question is can anyone overdose on lean drink?

One of the things I found out about Lean when researching it was that it had similar properties to codeine and heroin. Codeine and Heroin are illegal because of their illegal use, however; this drink has a legal use and was used by police officers before it was illegal. Also, you can find lean drug effects that mimic other substances. For example, you can find abuse of Hydrocodone which is a narcotic pain reliever. This is one of the more popular Lean drug effects.

Another thing I learned about Lean was that the strongest and most dangerous ingredient in this concoction, Hydrocodone, can cause a serious imbalance in your system. I don't know if this really is dangerous but it sure could be. If you were to take too much of this without taking care of other symptoms, this could lead to addiction and side effects that could kill you. Don't kid yourself, if you do this type of thing you can kill yourself or someone else and you will not be sorry.

However, there are many people who make this mistake and believe that by mixing this magnificent drug with something like chicken broth, they can pass it along to their family and friends as a good cure for chicken pox or the flu. In fact, this is a myth and a complete waste of time. If you try to detox this way you will have diarrhea, vomiting, cold symptoms, headaches, fatigue, and even a fever.

If you have questions about how to get help for your addiction to lean drink then your best bet would be to speak to your doctor or pharmacist. They are the experts and will be able to answer any and all questions that you may have. Plus, they may know of some places where you can get a free consultation that they can also tell you about the side effects of detoxing your body with this amazing lean drink. They may also refer you to a detox center where you can find free help in dealing with your problem.