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How Long Does Meth Stay in the System?

How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System? Staying up to six hours in your system after ingesting it is common for most people who have used methamphetamines or other similar street drugs. As it enters the blood, the body immediately begins to metabolize it as it passes through the blood stream. Inside, meth can also be converted into other amphetamine-like drugs. These other drugs remain in the system for up to three days while meth stays in the system for a much longer period of time, typically several weeks.
There are a number of ways to measure how long meth stays in the system. The quickest way is to take a drug test called a urinalysis. This drug test measures the amount of methidrene in your urine. If you pass this drug test, then the next step is to have your urine tested for other drugs.

Saliva testing is another way to measure how long meth stays in the system. In this method, a special substance called saliva is tested, which can break down any of the many different types of medications that are in crystal meth. Each time your saliva breaks down a drug, it leaves microscopic crystals, which are detected by the laboratory's high tech equipment. The crystals are then measured to determine how long your body has been exposed to the drugs. Saliva testing isn't effective for the short term, however, so your best bet for a saliva test is when your criminal defense lawyer gets you a urine test.

A hair follicle aspiration is another way to determine how long does Meth stay in your system. In this test, small plastic tubes are put into your mouth and the tube is inserted into one of your hair follicles. The tube is inflated so that it fills the follicle fully and a sample of your saliva or blood is taken as proof of the existence of meth. Hair follicle aspiration can be effective for hair growth that has stopped after a period of many months or years, but the sample will not be as accurate.

The last type of drug test all to do with the levels of meth in your system is called a drug test for crystal meth. A blood sample is drawn from a small part of your arm or the area where you consume a great deal of crystal meth. You then undergo several different tests to determine what your current blood levels are. Most people who are tested are usually placed on maintenance medications while they are under investigation. If you are ultimately found to have continued use of meth, you will be required to undergo detox and periodic follow up visits with a treatment facility.

How long does crystal meth remain in your system is an important consideration when dealing with an addiction. When crystal meth is used repeatedly, it can build up in your system over time. For the most part, your body builds up a tolerance to the drug and your recovery times become longer and more difficult. Your doctor can assist you with determining the right course of treatment for your particular situation and help you along the way as you go through the process of recovery.