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Introduction to Kabbalah

Introduction to Kabbalah

Mankind is constantly searching for a logical substantiation of their existence. To this end, man has been studying the laws of nature for many thousands of years.

Despite this, modern scientists are finding that the more they advance in their scientific investigations, the more confusing and unclear the picture of the world becomes. Answers to the question about the purpose of this world and mankind’s existence have not yet been found.

Kabbalah as a science offers a specific method of investigating the world. This method allows a person to develop the ability to perceive the part of the universe concealed from us. The world “Kabbalah” means “receiving”; it is a method that allows one to receive the highest knowledge, and to perceive the true “objective” picture of the world. Kabbalists explain this technique to us based upon their experiences. They have written books that teach the methodology of investigating the universe and receiving the answer to the question about the meaning of life.

From the beginning of time man has searched for answers to the main questions of life: Who am I? What is the goal of my existence? Why does the world exist? Do we continue to exist after death? etc. These unanswered questions about the goal and meaning of life add to our everyday human suffering – Why do we need to suffer at all? It does not allow us to feel fulfillment, even when some of our everyday desires are temporarily satisfied.

A person, having reached the desired goal, quite quickly begins to feel a lack of fulfillment again. Looking back he is able to see how much time he spent in agonizing attempts to reach the desired goal, but in comparison did not feel a substantial pleasure from the accomplishment.

As there are no answers to the questions of life, the search continues in many different directions. Ancient beliefs and currently popular eastern teachings are a part of these searches. Meditation as well as physical and intellectual exercises allow a person to feel more comfortable in this world, but this is just an attempt to distract oneself from the questions, since one’s desires are left unfulfilled and the meaning of life is not found. All these methods relax a person as they lower a person’s desires, not because they have reached the answer to the goal of life and meaning of suffering.

However, soon man discovers that it is impossible to ignore the truth. We begin to perceive that a huge volume of knowledge necessary for further existence is hidden from us, and feel a strong necessity and urge to discover this truth.
Author Rav Michael Laitman, PhD