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I've got karmic problems! All members of my family has retrograde SATURN!

I was born on 3rd december 1971, 13:50 in Belgrade, Serbia and Mont.
(former Yugoslavia)
I've got some misunderstendings with my family. I think, that is
karmic kind of problem, because all of us have RETROGRADE SATURN!

I've got Saturn Rx in 2nd house in gemini oposition neptune
My sister has Saturn Rx in gemini, too
My mom has Saturn Rx in LIB, 2nd house
My father has Saturn Rx in VIR, 3rd house.

We have a mostly communication problems. I am searching for answers about ours past lives, and for ours past mistakes.
Does anybody know something about relation between Saturn Rx and our past lives? Or karma?
I want to explore and fix our relations on karmic level.

Best Wishes