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New Book........A Celestial Revelation

To list subscribers

Dear forum,

I have provided information you may be interested in the release of the following book, which can be bought on Amazon., Waterstones Online,, the and I would be very pleased in your comments as I am a first time author and I am also looking for an informed scholarly review.

Title 'A Celestial Revelation’
(Uncovering the mystery of ancient Christian Prophecy)

(ISBN) 1-904018-76-9

Pen Press Publishing Ltd

Author Andrew G Frew

This is an informed and informative work that examines the Book of Revelation and the apocalyptic writings of Daniel, and considers their spiritual messages within a modern-day context, particularly (and topically) with regard to the future of the state of Israel and the art of astrology. The book poses various questions that are more pressing now than ever, such as;’ are we not all waiting for the same messiah, whatever religion we follow?' which has political and social as well as religious connotations. The author is clearly quite erudite. Alongside his in-depth knowledge of his chosen Biblical texts, he reaches further afield to draw allegorical comparisons between the Book of Revelation and historical events such as the French revolution, as well as Greek and Roman mythology. He explores the field of astrology, using that discipline to examine and critique the modern day Christian church since parts of both the Old and New Testament are related astrologically to the 'seven orbs' that govern the twelve signs of the zodiac. Many of the book's propositions are intelligent and reveal broad ranging, imaginative thought. The content of the book is good, if rather specialised. The author may be let down a bit by his style, but his ideas are nevertheless interesting and his knowledge impressive.

Publication date November 2003.

A G Frew