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Re: dreams and the tarot

Hi, Dustin! Theoretically everyone has the ability to "see" things on the inner planes with or without the aid of cards or other devices. As with any ability, it comes easily to some people while others must work long and hard to develop it. It sounds like you are one to whom it comes very easily indeed.

Although it's perfectly natural to have such visions, it's also very easy to misinterpret or misapply what one has "seen". Some visions can be taken literally as actual imminent (or past or current) events, but most are symbolic and need to be interpreted as metaphors for what is happening. Some symbols are images that carry personal associations just for you; many symbols are images with universal associations in the collective unconscious. Read books on universal symbolism and dream interpretation -- not just "this-means-this" dictionaries or cookbooks, but works that give you a deeper insight into how metaphors in dreams/visions tend to work out in real life. The late psychiatrist Carl G. Jung actually understood this stuff and promoted ongoing research; works by authors of the Jungian school of psychology contain tons of information that can help you with interpretation of dreams, visions, cards and other divinatory devices, as well as art forms of all kinds. Get to know and understand the language your unconscious uses to bring things to your attention. Pay attention to the way the messages actually play out in life.

Once you've come up with an interpretation of any vision you have a moral obligation to avoid harming anyone with it. If you're interpreting cards (or whatever) for someone else, always express things as positively as possible, focusing on the constructive options available to that person. Remember that he or she came to you for help, not to get frightened or depressed. And never give advice you're not qualified to dispense, such as medical diagnoses -- if such a thing comes up, refer the person to a qualified professional for further confirmation and/or treatment.

I don't believe that the death dreams are so common. Obviously you need to be extremely cautious about revealing such dreams to others, as death is about as negative and hopeless as you could get. Most psychics refuse to predict literal physical death, whatever they might have "seen". Too much death on your mind is not good for you or anyone else. Ask your unconscious questions about other things and let it bring you interesting answers. Hopefully as you develop more of a dialogue with your unconscious, more positive topics will replace this disturbing one.

On the other hand, death images are very common metaphors for transformations happening in some area of life. If you look at your dreams from a metaphorical perspective, you may well find among the images symbolic clues to important changes that are taking, or are about to take, place. You can't go wrong if you assume the vision is a metaphor and look for constructive ways to deal with the implications.

Lastly, while you are working with all this, be sure to keep your feet on the ground. Remember that as long as you are in a physical body you will have to pay the rent, take out the garbage, etc. It can be extremely tempting to let practical matters slide while you explore these fascinating inner realms. Be sure you are deciding deliberately whether to be open or closed to astral influences at any particular time. You might begin each psychic session with some simple ritual to cue your unconscious to communicate with you and end each session with another to cue it to leave you alone. However you do it, stay in control of the decision.

Best of luck to you, and may you use your talent wisely.


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Hi evryone my name is Dustin and I am new to this whole thing. I really need a little guidance though. I have for years suffered from dreams of death and people I love dying, I come to realize now that all I come into contact with intametly I see thier death not bad but hard to deal with sometimes. Imagine knowing when your children will die and how?? Take what you will from this and believe anything you like. Until now I have taken medications to surpress these things I have been told these are not natural thoughts they tell me I dream of hurting people which is not the case. Recently I decided to drop meds and probe the unknown. I was at the bookstore looking and occult items and reading material when the Thoth deck grabbed me I had to buy it! I even ran home to get the money. When I got the deck home I did not even read the little book I just layed out in what seemed like a pattern to me, I believe it was the pyrmaid layout has you call it. I learned alot from this and could picture "things" in the cards. After this I read the little book and then I read three of my friends and they were absolutly amazed. It is incredible I feel like this is what I should be doing. Anyway I was just looking for a little counsel on what I should do and if this is common or if it is all in my head??