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Hi evryone my name is Dustin and I am new to this whole thing. I really need a little guidance though. I have for years suffered from dreams of death and people I love dying, I come to realize now that all I come into contact with intametly I see thier death not bad but hard to deal with sometimes. Imagine knowing when your children will die and how?? Take what you will from this and believe anything you like. Until now I have taken medications to surpress these things I have been told these are not natural thoughts they tell me I dream of hurting people which is not the case. Recently I decided to drop meds and probe the unknown. I was at the bookstore looking and occult items and reading material when the Thoth deck grabbed me I had to buy it! I even ran home to get the money. When I got the deck home I did not even read the little book I just layed out in what seemed like a pattern to me, I believe it was the pyrmaid layout has you call it. I learned alot from this and could picture "things" in the cards. After this I read the little book and then I read three of my friends and they were absolutly amazed. It is incredible I feel like this is what I should be doing. Anyway I was just looking for a little counsel on what I should do and if this is common or if it is all in my head??