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Re: 13th Zodiac

It means you've been reading *Astrology 14* or some derivative. Its author suggests that since the constellations have moved from their original positions and two others (Ophiuchus and Cetus) have joined the Zodiacal circle, astrological practice has been behind the times and should adjust to reflect the change.

Not to worry, though. In the first place, the Zodiac signs used in traditional Western astrology* are NOT the constellations but directions in space (or "sections of sky") that were NAMED for the constellations that used to mark their position. Those directions are the same as they always were, and are unaffected by the current positions of any of the actual stars.

In the second place, if you compare the author's descriptions of the "revised" Sun signs with the descriptions of the traditional Sun signs, you will find little or no difference in the actual description for your birthday. Basically all the author seems to have done was to rename the same old traditional descriptions with different constellation names.

So in *Astrology 14* , a Sagittarius by any other name -- even Ophiuchus -- is still a Sagittarius, and you're going to be just fine. (If your head is still spinning, take an aspirin and read a different astrology book. )


*There is a school of astrological thought known as "sidereal astrology" that insists on applying irrelevant astronomical data to their interpretations and may in fact be disturbed by such discrepancies. With all due respect for their technical accuracy, for the above reason I disagree with their approach.

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My head is spinning...I'm Ophiuchus....What means my missing sign?


before something blows up in my head!

Nov 20-25...Ophiuchus