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Re: Chiron and Pluto and Venus?

It sounds like life has set you up with some very heavy attraction/love issues. A natal Venus-Chiron opposition indicates that your love nature is to be "spiritualized", that is, matured so that you experience attraction and love from a deeper, more universal/less materialistic level. We know that Chiron is associated with wounding, healing, and the combination of both in the "wounded healer". Since this is a natal aspect, you must have had recurring experiences of this kind with respect to love (this could be love of anything: material objects, people, activities, whatever may attract you. The house position of natal Venus should give a useful clue.) By now you probably know better than most people what it's like to be hurt and what the healing process is like. This puts you in a position to truly understand and empathize with others in similar situations and enables you to help them with their own healing processes. So I'd say the first thing to do would be to contemplate the attractions and loves in your life, where they have led you, and how you have learned and grown from them.

The Pluto-Chiron transit and the Venus-Pluto progression could put these issues to a very severe test, probably for yourself but possibly on behalf of someone close to you. The difficulty will depend on what you have already learned. Pluto has a way of rubbing our noses in intense situations that are unstable because of some underlying conflict. Attempts to hold on to something that is, or has become, unhealthy for us result in pain instead of the gratification we had sought. Eventually we arrive at a crisis in which we are forced to let go of the source of that pain. This can be a long-drawn-out process because the feelings tend to be almost overwhelming and we don't want to let go. We tend to keep hoping for favorable changes that can't occur. It takes as long as it takes to realize what's really happening and make the necessary decisions. So the other part of my advice to you is this: Be prepared for the possibility that something you want very badly now could be something you can (and should) never have. Pay attention to the facts of your situation and accept them for what they are. Keep focusing on the whole truth, whatever your feelings about it. Know that you are stronger than your feelings. Realize where your desires are futile, and let go.

You have a real challenge here and it can strengthen you; I hope this will help.


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I have transiting Pluto conjunct my Chiron till October 2003 and progressed Venus conjunct natal Pluto with natal Chiron oppose Venus (2 degrees orb) -- what is the best way to deal with/understand this Pluto/Chiron/Venus energy? Thanks so much...