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I've been asqued about pluto conjunction sun in the 8 house

┐Could someone display what generally this is supossed to mean?

Re: Aspect

In contrast to the second house (personal values and possessions), the eighth house, opposing it, is the department of life concerned with collective values and possessions. In other words, the second house is "my stuff" and the eighth is "your stuff" or "our stuff". By extension, the eighth house covers all the psychological and material changes that can occur as a result of sharing in any kind of joint or group resource pool. The material changes are the losses and gains that come from investment or sharing in other people's resources, as with loans, debts, insurance, inheritance, etc. The psychological changes are the irrevocable transformations that come from emotional commitment, inner questing, and spiritual insight. Any aspect involving the eighth house is experienced in this "sharing" part of life.

The Sun shows the way to one's personal center, the means by which one is meant to grow as an individual. Doing the things signified by the sign and house position of the Sun in your natal chart can bring particular personal satisfaction and pride. If your natal Sun is in the eighth house, your self-esteem is closely tied in with psychological changes and/or material sharing and how well you handle experiences with them. The style in which you do this is shown by the sign the Sun is in.

Pluto's influence is powerful and intense. It "rubs our nose" into things and makes us experience things deeply, often through attention-commanding repetition or even obsession. The purpose is to make us more truly aware of the nature of things and of our real priorities with regard to them. As our perceptions deepen, we let go of more superficial notions, peeling off outworn values like onion skins. As a producer of permanent psychological change, Pluto is a "natural ruler" of the eighth house. Placed in the eighth house, it ensures that eighth-house matters are experienced very vividly.

If the Sun was in the eighth house at your birth, you need to be involved either with business dealings in collective resources as described above, or with something of emotional fascination that draws your attention to inner realities such as psychological dynamics or spiritual insights. Whether or not you earn your living thereby, your greatest personal talent lies somewhere among those functions. You accomplish the most individual development through such involvement and will feel good about yourself when you are handling it well.

If Pluto is transiting conjunct your natal Sun, You're going through a period of particularly intense involvement with these activities in which you may take such pride. Temporarily you have the power to make a very strong impression through your talent. You gain power as you gain insight into the real nature of your talent and allow it to be express itself through you in the purest, truest form possible. However, the power conferred by Pluto is to be used for the good of all, not just to advance your own ego; if you use it wrongly it backfires and brings serious failure instead of brilliant success. In any case, by the time the transit is over your perception of your talent will probably be very different from what it was before.

If Pluto was conjunct the Sun at your birth, your experiences with your particular self-development activities are ALWAYS highly focused, intense, and thorough. Your life is largely a quest to discover and express your truest talent. As the years pass you discover ever deeper levels of perception and ability, and as a result of this you continually reinvent yourself and your "act". You probably learn the consequences of both the use and abuse of the focusing power of Pluto as you experience extremes of shame and pride at different times. You have the power to make a very strong impression through your talent all your life, and hopefully that impression is positive and inspirational to others.

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I've been asqued about pluto conjunction sun in the 8 house

┐Could someone display what generally this is supossed to mean?