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Re: The 'New War'

Week 0f October 14 - 20: This week bears watching because of two aspects that are closing into exaction on Friday 10/20:

One is a square from the transiting Sun in the U.S. 10th house to Pluto, which now conjoins the U.S. Ascendant. Without considering Pluto, Sun square U.S. Ascendant alone is an aspect associated with the exertion of responsibility in the expression of the nation's self-concept. It occurs at this time every year, but this this is the first year that Pluto has ever been conjunct that Ascending degree. Pluto adds the powerful dimension of deeper insight than ever before into the U.S. identity -- who America really is, what America really stands for, what the U.S. attitude truly is. It predisposes the nation to relentless self-assertion and refusal to be extinguished. If the approaching square from the Sun should signify a challenge to the U.S. identity and/or existence, the U.S. is sure to defend itself with everything it's got, and could be transformed into an even truer version of itself in the effort.

The other aspect of concern this week is the exact conjunction of retrograde Mercury with the U.S. Saturn in the 10th house. This one could be important because it was exact by direct motion on September 11, the day of the disastrous attacks on the World Trade Center. It has "turned around" and, on 10/20, it will make another pass over that same degree, which means that SOMETHING of that event is likely to be revisited. Whether this will mean a significant development with regard to the WTC attack on 9/11 or a second attack of a similar kind remains to be seen.

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Replying to:

Dear Everyone,

As is natural for an astrologer I ask myself, "What are the astrological implications for the current 'new war' situation?" Answers aren't quick and easy in this, but the positions of the transiting planets offer some food for thought as events unfold. Here are my initial observations as of the first week in October:

The USA chart cast for July 4, 1776 5:10 PM EST Philadelphia PA shows the USA's Ascendant at 12 degrees 13 minutes of Sagittarius. The current and ongoing Pluto-Saturn opposition, which had already brought trouble to many individuals, falls almost exactly across the US Ascendant-Descendant axis. Transit Saturn conjunct the Descendant, or 7th house cusp, is reflected in the serious challenge presented by US enemies at this time. Transit Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, which the US is too young to ever have experienced before, is reflected in the self-awakening the nation is now experiencing. In a nutshell: We've been slapped hard in the face and it's time to "grow up". Pluto's effects are transformational; the national attitude will never again be what it formerly was.

The Full Moon on October 2nd, a Sun-Moon opposition in soft aspect with Saturn-Pluto, tends to illuminate the nature of the conflict and to stabilize it -- we see the whole picture as far as possible and draw conclusions.

Transit Venus' T-square with Saturn-Pluto from the 9th house this week corresponds with mediation and negotiation efforts by religious, educational, and other beneficent communities. Their aim is to minimize conflict as much as possible, particularly where it may be exacerbated by cultural misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Working through the sign of Virgo, many of these groups work to bridge cultural gaps through direct, practical forms of help such as healing, repairs, and assorted manual labors. Although their influence may be limited by necessity, it nevertheless serves to promote objective reflection on comparative beliefs and awareness of universal desires for peace.

The US Sun is at 13 degrees 19 minutes of Cancer and rules the nation's 9th house (Placidus). Transit Jupiter is now conjunct this Sun, signifying an expansion of national pride and belief in democratic principles. Since this week transit Mars opposes transit Jupiter, he therefore also opposes the US Sun. This suggests the immanence of some kind of open confrontation and assertive action. Confidence in success is assured; however, that confidence is only as justified as the degree of real wisdom behind it -- so let's hope for a very, very well thought out plan.

Assuming that the chart I'm using is the right one, we are indeed at the beginning of a struggle that will last for several years. Although no action can eliminate the conflict now, it appears that this week is unlikely to pass without a significant, very possibly military, event.

Please feel free to add whatever comments, observations or questions you may have.