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Emma Naomi Pearce Daughter of Henry Pearce and Ann Vingoe

Hi everyone,
Im wondering if someone can help. I have Emma Naomi's Christening info as 9 Jan 1816, parents Henry Pearce and Ann? I also have a marriage certificate of William Thomas and Emma Naomi Pearce married 28 March 1841 Father of Emma as William Pearce dead, then I have a Death Certificate of Emma Naomi Thomas nee Pearce having died 15 July 1898 Spring Terrace New South Wales, Australia, Father Henry Pearce Harbour Master Mother Ann Vingoe. I can't figure out why her fathers name is different on her marriage certificate dates all seem to match or am I searchng in the wrong places. Please help.

Lynda Mary Crane
4x great grand daughter of Henry Pearce and Ann Vingoe