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Vingoe and Y DNA - J-L70?

Good evening. This may be an odd enquiry but I wonder if anyone in the Vingoe male line has done Y DNA. The reason I am asking is to find out if this is the same family as the rare French name Vingot.

One member of this family changed their name to Wingo upon entering Virginia in the 1600s. The Wingo family as found in FTNDA was one of the first identified as J-L70, and by happenstance, a match for the de Vere Hunt family at 12.

Though it disappears at 37 markers, the mutation rate is fairly fast in my family and so it is not out of possibilities of being related around 1300

The reason that causes me to ask is that My Heritage just came out with their genetic groups and all of it makes sense except for the initial period of our overall group which contains Cornwall towns: Saint Just, Wendron, Camborne, Constantine.

So my reason then for asking is that I see that this is the heart of Vingoe Country.

So a complete wildshot - but I thought it would be worth asking.