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Vingoe family

My Mother's maiden name was Vingoe. Her Father was Henry and Mother Violet. My Mother was born in Canada and married Terrence Thomas Kiernan. Is there any other Vingoe out there who might have any information regarding my heritage?


Evie Kiernan-Jones

Re: Vingoe family

Hello there!!
I think we might be related, my great great grandfather was John Clemence Vingoe and my Gr Gr Grandmother was Elizabeth Vingoe. Their eldest child, Elizabeth, married Edward Gratton and their daughter Janie was my Grandma.
When John's wife Elizabeth died, he married her sister Jane. Their son was Harold and he emigrated to Canada. However when I was a child he visited the UK and I have some photos of him with my family. I do remember him as a portly friendly man with glasses (I think) and he brought me a 'red Indian' doll (as we said back then!!) I think Violet was with him too but my memory is hazy. Anyway, do get in touch if you think I'm right. My name is Alison Newnham, my mum was the youngest child of Janie Gratton. I live in Bristol, UK but coincidentally tomorrow I'm off to Cornwall with some Aussie relatives (my husband is Australian) and we hope to visit St Just where the Vingoe family lived.
Anyway, do get in touch as I'd love to explore some more of this with you,
Best wishes,