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Re: Do you have a Vingoe in your line

I'm not a family tree enthusiast although suspect I may become one!! Whilst on an internet search to find a growing-up address for my mother in Liverpool I came across this site. I've always known that my mum's side of the family had strong Cornish links and when i was a young girl (1950's/60's) we had a little old aunt who regularly visited us from Cornwall. She was called Polly MacDowall but I think she was a Vingoe. Anyway I know the family originated in St Just, and there was a story about losing a small fortune made in the Kimberley diamond mines. Anyway, just to say that a definite link with your family tree is that Elizabeth Vingoe and Edward Ethell Gratton in Branch 3 are my great grandparents, my grandmother being Jane Angwin Gratton. From someone else#s family tree ( )I've discovered that my grandmother was married to a Thomas Steenson and had a daughter with him. That's odd as my grandfather (with whom she had 5 children) definitely wasn't Thomas Steenson!!) Also her brother, John Arthur gratton appears to be married too and to have 1 child - again that's odd as he and his wife were my Godparents as well as great uncle and aunt - and her name was Avril and they had no children. My word, there's a few skeletons in the family cupboard!!! My father has written all about the family in his memoirs, including the Vingoe link so i shall ask about all this, although he's 94 and becoming affected by dementia so not sure how successful I'll be. I'll try to get hold of his memoirs and scan any relevant Cornish info.

Re: Do you have a Vingoe in your line

If you have found the web site whilst looking for an ancestor then we may be able to help. leave a message and we will get back to you.


Re: Do you have a Vingoe in your line

Hello, I am very excited to have stumbled upon this site. I have only in the last few days discovered that my gggg grandmother was apparently Mary Rodda Vingoe.

Mary (nee Vingoe) married Thomas White in Feb 1823 in Cornwall, and they had a daughter Ann, born 1825.

Ann White married William Hall. Two of their son's, Thomas and Richard, immigrated to New Zealand.

Thomas Hall is my Great grandfather and his son John was my grandfather.

The Whites, Halls and Vingoes', I understand were all from Penzanze, Cornwell.

I am trying to find more information now on Mary Rodda Vingoe if possible?

According to baptisim records for Thomas Hall, (West Penwith Resource, Madron & Penzance Baptisms 1756–1888) William Hall and Ann (daughter of Mary Vingoe and Thomas White) were Farmers of Lower Boswarva in 1849.

Any help would be appreciated. This is very confusing :)

Thanks so much.

Jacqui Carter

P.S. Fantastic site!

Re: Do you have a Vingoe in your line

If you have found the web site whilst looking for an ancsestor then we may be able to help. leave a message and we will get back to you.

Hi Yes my four times great grandmother Eliza Vingoe borne 7th April in 1816 in St Levan - Died 1896 in Pendeen St Just. Her Parents were Matthew Vingoe Born 1778 and Elizabeth Vingoe born 1776 Then the surnames changes to Guy and there is a lot of them. Eliza had I believe 14 children I also have a photo of Eliza I cannot find her burial place although I have a photograph of the headstone, maybe you could throw some light on it for me. So excited to find this site. Thank You Vivienne

Re: Do you have a Vingoe in your line

Hi Vivienne, I am trying so hard to make the connection, but it is eluding me. My maiden name is George - descended from the Georges of Mullion (Theophilus George m Grace Williams) We have our very own Dionysius Williams and every other reincarnation of the Sennen crew, and of course they were all smugglers, but the family link is hard to match up. I come to St Just and find Trembath's - my mother's line, my mother-in-law was a Harvey - from the St. Just Harveys (Thomas Harvey died in Bendigo, Aust. in 1883 - he was my husband's GG Grandfather). Then, of course, my husband is a Phillips - descended from the Scilly Phillips line (Wm Phillips m Charlotte Gendall in 1841). The names are all there... I can connect them all in my tree with dates and names, but so far I haven't been able to link them all together (which is probably a GOOD thing!) Difficult working from Australia - I have spent many long hours on the OPC website and Ancestry. I have made wonderful stories connecting my smugglers (Bobo and Richard George, Dionysius Williams, the Mundy family etc. but I think I am now fairly stumped. I would love to be able to connect the Rev. E.G. Harvey to my husband's line, because he was the vicar at St Mellanus and wrote a wonderful history of Mullion with slightly disparaging remarks about my George Line. What a great chapter that would make in the family history if I were able to connect the two. Sorry, I have rambled forever, but there has to be a link somewhere. Thank you for anything you can come up with.

Re: Do you have a Vingoe in your line

Jane Angwin Gratton was my gt grandmother, looking for the parents of Henry Gratton. B 1921

Re: Do you have a Vingoe in your line


I am sure there must be at least one Vingoe somewhere in my tree!

I first came across your website when I was investigating my direct line of Nicholas ancestors living in Sennen. It popped up again today when I was looking for information on Newlyn for my direct line of ancestors Paul from Newlyn.

This visit I saw your suggestion to say hello and so I am!

Thanks for sharing so much knowledge in such an easy readable style.

Stay safe, Sue

Re: Do you have a Vingoe in your line


I have a 4g aunt Sarah Nicholas who married Hugh Vingoe in Sennen in 1773. I am specifically interested in this and any other Nicholas connection. My 5g grandfather Thomas also married aAnn Maddern in Sennen in 1746. Are there any matched to this line?