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Getting rid of my rabbit problem


My country property has about an acre of garden, mostly treed lawns. I've lived here happily ten years, but in the last couple of years rabbits have moved in.

They come off an adjacent river meadow where their burrows are, and dig repeated holes in my lawn. Since the river meadow is privately owned I can't bait the burrows. I have tried to live with the rabbits but my lawn is starting to resemble no-mans-land so unfortunately I have to consider shooting them, which seems the only alternative. It's very much a last resort, as I'm not someone who goes hunting for fun or pleasure.

Since I have no real experience of shooting vermin with air rifles, I would be glad of any advice as to how to proceed, and which kind of air-rifle would be best suited. There is a lot of useful information on your site about needing to be camoflaged and downwind, which I'm sure will help, but my main conundrum is the kind of rifle to buy.

I read your glowing review of the S410 rifle which you said was the best, then saw the S510 described as even better, but with no details, and a bit below that was a Daysk... MK3RT, which was described as taking the technology to the next level. So I'm not sure which to go for really.

(If it's relevant, I assume I would be a reasonable shot - at a recent work-related team-building venture, I won both the archery and air-rifle shooting competiions.)

Budget is not an issue, although since I am not an air-rifle enthusiast, it would seem pointless to own a top-of the range gun that I hardly ever used, assuming the rabbits were cleared.

However, if using a cheaper, less powerful, less accurate rifle meant I would risk wounding rather than killing the rabbits, that is something I would rather avoid.

Alternatively, is it possible to hire air-rifles, or even people to do the shooting? Any advice would be welcome.

I live in Norfolk, so if there are any places you know around here where I could go for help, advice, or to purchase an air rifle, I'd be most grateful if you could let me know.

Kind regards

Archie Clifford

What is your main interest. Getting rid of my rabbit problem.

Re: Getting rid of my rabbit problem - by Webmaster - Mar 8, 2010 7:41pm
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