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Is it worth getting a Firearms License To Save Money On A Powerful Rifle

I've been wondering about this for a long long time. In the UK you need a firearms license for a air rifle over 12ft/lbs. In the UK i feel that Air Rifle costs are over-inflated in comparison to countries such as America , For example I could import a Cross man Benjamin Marauder .25 rifle which is easily capable of dispatching a coyote (not that there's much in the u.k)for the fantastic price of $509.99 which is only £325!!! But due to its power would need a Firearms License. But In the UK you'd pay that for a weihrauch HW90 which is btw a really good gun but don't think it offers the capabilities of power and quality as the maruader. If i get a Firearms licence, it would enable me to import the same gun or a better gun at half the price. I just wanna know has anyone done this or knows that it'd work like that?

What is your main interest. Cycling, Air Rifle Target Shooting, Outdoors, Fishing (Sea & Coarse).