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Got Vacant Land With Wild Hogs? Get Hog Wild Cashflow! (FL)

If you are selling land on this website and need a positive cash flow until it sells, please keep reading!

Florida's real estate market is TERRIBLE. I am sure you already know that making money from traditional real estate techniques these days is next to impossible. I finally gave up and let my real estate license expire.

Anyone who owns even a modest amount of land in Florida knows how hard it is to make a positive cash flow from the land, much less sell it for a profit. Add to that a population of wild hogs, and you are stuck in the mud so to speak. Worse yet, most land owners make the mistake of paying someone to remove nuisance wild hogs from their land.

Now For Some Good News

Florida wild hog hunting is extremely popular these days with hunters from all over the country seeking out advice from people like me and land like yours to hunt on. They are also paying as much as $300 + per wild hog.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission considers wild hogs to be a "nuisance animal" since they destroy property, eat crops, sea turtle eggs, and in some cases spread disease.

I used to be a police officer here in Florida. I received all sorts of calls to remove wild animals from people's houses and property. I began to enjoy those calls, and would volunteer for them when ever they came up.

Now that the real estate business has gone down the drain, I figured out that using my background in real estate, law enforcement, and hunting to help land owners make money from their land and the wild hogs who try to destroy it.

I started a hunting guide business that specializes in wild hog hunts on private property. Land owners like you can finally make money from their property again without doing any of the work or worrying about legal issues. I am also an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, so safety rules are strictly enforced on all my hunts.

Florida wild hog hunters can hunt hogs year round on private land, without spending a ton of money. Hog hunting is so big that there are even magazines and television shows devoted to it.

Want More Information?

If you're a land owner or Florida wild hog hunter, and would like to have your property evaluated for free, or if you're a hunter and want to book a hunt...

CALL ME, Jeff Morelock at 727 289-4726 HURRY - I can only manage a limited number of properties effectively!

Re: Got Vacant Land With Wild Hogs? Get Hog Wild Cashflow! (FL)

I forgot to mention that I will pay a finder's fee if you refer a landowner to me who takes advantage of my service.

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