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Setting photos into messages on this forum - update

Since this info was last put on the forum, there's been a number of changes with some of the photo/image services on the internet, so this stands as an update.

To set any photo into a message on the forum, you'll need to use an internet image host; I use www.photobucket.com and the following instructions work for their service. It's a free service, unless you make a point of signing up for aome of the more advanced options.

Here's how it works...

1. Open Photobucket - and register if you're not already registered.
2. Set up an album and use their browser to choose the photo that you want to upload into the forum
3. When the photo is uploaded into Photobucket, beneath it you'll see 4 boxes, click on the third one down from the top, it's marked HTML Code.
4. When you click on the code it is highlighted in blue and you'll get a message saying 'Copied'
Now open the PBOC forum and start a new post
5. Type in your message, and at the point where you want your photo to appear, press return so that the cursor is in a new blank line, then hold down the Ctrl button and press 'V' once, this will paste the code into your messge.
6. Don't expect to see the photo at this point, you'll just see a load of letters and numbers.
7. When you preview your message in the usual way, the photo will appear in it, just as it does when it's viewed on the forum.

Once you've got your account set up with Photobucket, this procedure takes just a few minutes.

Re: Setting photos into messages on this forum - update

If you've tried this recently and had problems, there's probably a reason for it. Photobucket have said they're working on it and hope to resolve it soon. Without going into it too deeply, it won't apply to all computers, so yours may be fine.