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Piper boat service and maintenance - great (English) marine engineer in France

Stu has always done Calliope's annual engine service but this year wanted the confidence that he is doing it right. We have just had a great experience with full service and answer to one or two other niggly problems from a barge owner who has had 34 years as a Royal Navy Marine Engineer - trained, qualified, time-served. If anyone would like his details to find out if he can help with servicing, maintenance, winterising, electrical problems etc drop me a line.
He mostly lives on his barge in France, but also spend time in the UK if that is of interest to anyone. He brings all his own tools, and is reasonably priced.
(I am telling you all in case it helps anyone; I am not earning commission or anything from this!)

Re: Piper boat service and maintenance - great (English) marine engineer in France

I would be interested in the details of this engineer, as it’s always good to have a contact if needed. If you could email me on robinson.guy@hotmail.com Many thanks