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Cabin Inspection Hatch

I wonder if you could help please. I have a 37 foot Piper Boat - name Nutcracker ll built 2009. She is an exceptionally high quality high spec boat and a truly wonderful boat. I am trying to identify the precise location of the CABIN area inspection hatch. The Piper manual for the boat states the cabin inspection hatch is in the rear cabin area (saloon area). I don't have a problem but I would like to look under boat floor just to convince myself everything is nice and dry etc. The cabin area is carpeted and kind of stuck down with an adhesive so I don't want to randomly take up the carpet. Rather I would like to know where hatch is and work from there. Thank in advance for any help - John

Re: Cabin Inspection Hatch

Hi I posted this message a while ago now. Pleased to say was able to contact original owner who told me where it was. Had a look and found hatch immediately. The bottom of the boat looke just like new. Boat built 2009. Well I think this is just what you would expect of a boat from the Piper stables. Very very pleased with this boat.

Re: Cabin Inspection Hatch

I have a 2009 52’ (originally 42’). Where was the hatch in the end? I can’t find mine anywhere. Any help would be most appreciated.